Monday, 7 May 2012

Media Website Analysis

A2 Media Website analysis 

This is our Media website we chose to make, we looked at various singers of our pop/RnB genre we chose to do, looked at how they got their fan bases and colour schemes to gain insight. Here is our finished version of our media website:

Home page
 The home page has a header at the top of our artist of her new album "addictive" advertising it. We also have an advertisement accross the whole page advertising the store page and where to get the albums from. We also included a news feed lower down on the page and links to our artists official Youtube account where you can also watch the video, we thought this would be a good idea for fan interaction where they can openly comment on the video, view the video and like the video. We also stuck to a colour scheme of red, white and black for this website. We felt leaving the background black would make the pictures jump off the screen and make the advertisements and writing stand out more. We also used a simple "Arial" font for the writing so it is easy to read, sans serif font.

Tour dates page

The tour dates page is advertising our artists "addictive" tour, we can also see there is an offcial tour banner accross the page for this tour, we can also see the sponser of the tour is "nike", as it is advertised underneath the tour dates banner. We can also see the dates of the tour listed below and what tour company she is with, which is AEG live. We got this idea from Beyonce's official website, we also noticed how everything on her site was Trademarked so we decided to do the same on our site to give it that professional look.

biography page
 We decided to make a biography page because of our research we done, almost all the singers had a biography page, telling the fans about their life and raise to fame. We can see we have stuck to the colour scheme again but also you can see sponsors listed across the page. We looked on Pixie Lott's website and saw she had her list of sponsors up on her website, we thought this would be a really good idea to include them as it makes our artist seem a little more interesting and might grab potential fans eyes. We have her partnerships on there such as record labels and music and tour promoters, as well as her actual sponsors such as Nike Loreal and McDonald's. We also noticed in our research most celebrities have charities that they sponsor so our artist is sponsoring war child and KONY2012. We also have pictures at the bottom on the biography to draw the attention of our audience to the bottom of the page.

store page
We decided to add a store page titled "Addictive" named after the album, on this page you can find digipak artwork of the album cover, you can also find out where to buy the album from, what official retailers will sell the album and the option to buy the single (which is our music video) separately from the album. We also made the album be sponsored by ITunes, so fans can get discounts from the ITunes store rather than paying the full price for it. We saw this on Rihanna's official website as she is sponsored by a music outlet and thought it would be a good idea. You can also find quotes we made for our artist on the bottom of our page and a reason she made the album, we included this to make the users check out the whole page. 

We made the website using Macromedia Dreamweaver where we was able to design the website and insert content and the edit the layout so everything fitted together and looked good. We used Photoshop and Macromedia fireworks to edit the pictures on the website and Fireworks to make the website banner and the tour banner as well. I also edited the scripting and coding to make everything go together when we edited the layout of the website, which was a lengthy process but worth it in the end. 

Macromedia Dreamweaver logo

Music Video Analysis: A2 Media Music Video - Cruel Love

Cruel Love 

Cruel Love is the name of our track we produced for our music video, we made this video on final cut pro on the Apple Mac computer. We tried to gain insight of music videos from artists similar such as Rihanna, Katy perry and Drake. You can see our music video in full here: 

To start of the Video we have 2 tracking shots of our artist walking over a bridge and one walking down the street in ragged clothes both times, we then go into a medium shot of her up against a wall with a stage light on here creating a circle of light with her singing in. We thought this looked good and put a good effect on our music video to grip the audience in a long scene.

We then see our artist walking down a path on her own to create a lonely vibe, then we see her with the boy she loves and then the boy disappears as we see her walking on her own again in now what is a long shot. We thought we could use a tracking shot in this part to add empathy on the video, starting as a medium shot to a medium long shot to a long shot. We then see the artist on her addiction of partying in a scene with a strobe light effect in a club in a close up shot. We then see her and her love helping each other over a gate, we felt this scene put in effect a feeling that the gate was a boundary of love and that they should not be trespassing.

We then see the depression start from here for the Artist as we see her in a very effective shot of her on a wall with a sad face that had been spray painted on and her looking at it to symbolize depression and pain. The next scenes were her reminiscing of the good times they had as we can see in a medium shot of her swinging around and a tracking shot of the couple walking together near a lake and a special effect where both scenes meet each other and turn into another one. We originally got this idea from the Drake and Rihanna video, Take Care. We then seen some repetition of more good times earlier seen in the video and then we see the Boy recording the artist in a field with the camera following her in a tracking shot with a bumping really soft "earthquake" effect on this scene.

As we are midway through the second verse we see her still reminiscing on the wall and upset about how things have turned out, we see them cuddling up, filming each other etc. in medium shots, tracking shots and close up shots.

We then see the pain of the arguments when the chorus drops again when they are arguing and fighting and how the artist feels no longer wanted, we see this is scenes when they boy is on his phone is bed, we feel this symbolizes an insult to any girl so we put that in there and how they are arguing in the front room of their house also. We then see more close ups of the artist partying to relieve the stress and take her mind off things. We then have close up shots of her in her room and in the bath of how she is depressed but just about coping with it.

In the closing scenes we see how she keeps reminiscing about the times they had in different shots and short clips of close ups of the drawings she had made over the boy which said "we found love". In the final scenes we see how she finally gets over the boy and moves on to a happier situation.

We felt we expressed the moral of the story really well in this video, with the narrative and the scenes of the video. The moral is if things are going bad in relationships they can get worse before they get good but there will be light at the end of the tunnel. We felt this was expressed really well in our video.

Music Video Analysis: Timbaland & Keri Hilson - The Way I Are

The Way I Are 

This is the "sleeper hit" made by worldwide known recording artist Timbaland. This video made Keri Hilson rise to fame to be a dominant continentally known recording artist. Released in 2006 this song spent 21 weeks at the number 1 spot on the music billboard hot 100 in America, the most time spent at number 1 in the 2000-2010 decade and has nearly 100,000,000 views on Youtube. Here is the video in full: 

To open this music video we see a close up shot of Timbaland and then a special effects over the top of the actual scene of the music video, we then see a close up shot of keri hilson and a backup dancer wearing white, we also see timbaland wearing a suit and keri hilson casually dressed. We can see they are in some sort of tunnel with bright flashing club lights. We then see a medium shot of Keri hilson dancing and then a bottom tracking shot of timbaland dancing with keri hilson. We also see 3 backup dancers doing tricks with a football in the background, This was probably done to add effect for the 2006 FIFA world cup, which took place near the time this song was released.

We then see Timbaland start singing to Keri hilson in a close up shot with a special effect ontop that seems to be running throughout this video and we see short clips of medium shots of the 3 backup dancers doing football tricks. We then see Keri Hilson sing back in the same close up shot as Timbaland, almost as if they were talking to each other via the camera angles. We also hear Timbaland say "i aint got no money, i aint got no car to take you on a date" we can see how the lyrics are represented in this video as they are in a tunnel.

We then go into the chorus which is powerful and has a powerful moral behind it. We see Keri hilson and Timbaland singing to each other in close up shots and Keri Hilson dancing in little acts that go with the lyrics, which is pretty effective in my opinion. Keri hilson then sings "i like you just the way you are" as a response to Timbaland trying to impress Keri Hilson, we can see where this line comes into play and becomes effective as the scene around them is a tunnel that is wet and dirty, not a lavish bar or lounge where you would expect to take a woman on a date to.

We then go into a short third verse with Timbaland and Keri hilson still dancing around in close up shots and Keri Hilson has changed into what seems to be an expensive dress for going out in. We see Timbaland singing to Keri Hilson and as he says "talk to me girl" he backs out of the close up shot of him and Keri Hilson walks into the close up shot with flashing lights all around them.

After we enter the final verse where we see 2 other assosciates of Timbaland rapping to Keri Hilson as to back Timbaland up as almost wingmen. These two are wearing a dark suit and a light suit, we also see the backup dancers still doing there football tricks in the background, they also use their hands to gesture their lyrics in the song as one says "you're body aint Pamela Anderson" while motioning curves of a women with his hands, which is really effective.

This video is really effective on the way they use the lighting effects of flashing lights in a club like fashion while literally standing in a tunnel. Also the way the third and final verse breaks the song up really well. The moral of the song is key for the video as we see that Timbaland has nothing but Keri Hilson does not care because she knows Timbaland likes her for all the right reasons.

Timbaland and Keri Hilson in "The Way I Are"

Music Video Analysis: Drake & Rihanna - Take Care

Drake & Rihanna - Take Care 

This is the music video of the worldwide hit Take Care by globally known pop/RnB Artists Drake and Rihanna, The video can be seen here: 

In this video we see the opening scene of a close up of Drake being torn to pieces as he leans back, this sets the mood for the whole song as it is about 2 people who want to be together but cant. We then go on to see a bird flying away in a close up shot, this could symbolize that Drake is about to express hiself and get things off his chest he needs to. we then see a long tracking shot of mountains that puts an aura on the video that it is going to be a cold and a sense of loneliness in the video, which is exactly what the video turns out like.

We then go on to see a close up of a bull and its horns with a quick close up shot of Drake, wearing a dark top and jeans  and Rihanna, wearing a white coat with nothing on underneath. Then we see Drake singing in an white isolated room, with dim lighting. this could symbolize his mind and what he is thinking and what he wants to say to Rihanna. We then see drake dancing around to hiself in a number of different shots consisting of long shots , medium long shots , close up shots and tracking shots. We then hear the music drop when he gets into the rhythm and we see another quick tracking shot of the mountains, we then see drake use actions to the lines of the song. We need him put his fingers to his head in the shape of a gun when he says the lines "they won't get you like i will, my only wish is i die real". We also see him in a close up shot beat his hand like he is banging on someones door when the music drops, this could symbolize to the target audience that he is expressing his emotion in this video. We also see snippets of Rihanna looking down and depressing as if she is thinking about Drake at the same time in this video. There is also quick close ups of  Drake and Rihanna together in dim lighting holding each other, looking like they do not want to let go of one and other.

We go onto see how there is a soft chorus scene with the two holding each other as if they were taking care of each other when Rihanna says "i'll take care of you". We also see a fish that swims away fast, this could symbolize shyness imposed by Rihanna.

As drake goes in for the second and final verse of the song, We see the camera doing a tracking shot through the clouds in the mountains again as if Drake is searching through his memories when the music breaks. Then the beat drops again and we see Drake reminiscing of a time with Rihanna, We see drake express his emotions in the same mise-en-scene as the first verse and scene. We see the bull again and again while in with a shot of Drake and Rihanna holding each other, we see dirt coming off the bull as if to deliver a message that drake is getting "dirt off his shoulder".

We then go into a bit of an interlude and the final part of the song where we see Drake falling down in a close up tracking shot and forests burning in a long shot, there is then an underwater shot as if drake had fallen into a lake looking up at the burned forest, this symbolizes the relationship of the two as we exit on the words of "i've loved and i've lost".

Drake and Rihanna

Website Research - Beyonce


This is Worldwide superstar Pop and RnB singer Beyonce's official website, Beyonce is one of the top singers in the world in many peoples opinion and has a worldwide audience following. You can see her official website here: 

As you can see from her website she has a massive Website banner of herself from some of her inside cover photo's of her Digipak form her new album "revel". Beyonce also has new tour dates that have been announced accross the middle of the page in black writing, She also has advertisements of herself on the website too. Beyonce also has a variety of web pages on her navigation bar (found underneath the website banner) This includes an official store and a biography page about herself, she also has a community page where people can follow her on her Twitter and Facebook accounts. 
Beyonce has tried to grip the audience with a big photo of herself, then many smaller photos scattered about the website in a tidy, professional manner. She also tries to grip the audience by her massive website banner and her tour date advertisements on the front page. 

Beyonce has used a colour scheme of Black and white for the basic colour contrast, with her using this kind of colour scheme it allows her website banner and advertisements to jump off the page at the audience. We can also see how there is alot more detail on the front page compared to Drake's website.

Website Research - Drake


I have looked at a few websites before creating the website for our artist, the first website i looked at properly was a pop/RnB singer Drake. Drake has a worldwide following of all different ages and has an official website for fans. We can see his website here:

Drake official website front page

I chose to get idea's from his layout, he has a very big background of his album front cover as his background, this background picture follows the colour scheme of the website which is black and gold. Drake also has a navigation bar on his website consisting of fan interaction in the form of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. We can also see how everything is registered in trademarks to him, He also has some writing in the bottom right hand corner almost like a mini biography saying what his album is about and what motivated him to make his album. We can also see how he has an Official store page and a Tour dates page, where you can buy his merchandise and also book tickets from outlets to see him live. This is all in the navigation bar on the left hand side.

From this homepage of his website we can see how it has been professionally made following the colour scheme of black and gold and how the user can automatically be gripped by the big picture of him as the background. Also the pages where fans can interact can also grip a target audience into looking onto his other pages,wanting to know more about his music and him as a person also.